Your pets are welcome (see conditions here). There are many activities where they can accompany you. Consult and the beaches where they are allowed on the guide to Toutourism Here

Here, animals play an important role. Whether they are farm or company, they all have a rol
e to play. Chickens provide us with eggs; Ducks clean ponds; rabbits and sheep maintain the land. As for our turkey, she’ll let us know you’re here.

Réglisse Perla Pouchka Mystiroux

And when you arrive, you will no doubt be greeted by Perla and Pouchka, our two young goldens so cuddly. Reglisse, our old labrador will also ask for caresses but much more discreetly. With a little patience, you can also see and maybe even approach Mysti, Kiki and Petitchat, our three felines so independent and so different. And don’t be surprised if they drop a “gift” at your door…..


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